Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked frequently by the community

How do I get rid of the typing message?

The setting to manage the typing message is called TypingMessage or TM as a shortcut.

We encourage you to check out the Setting customization guide.

pageCustomizing settings

How do I mention people across servers?

You can use the & character by default. Example: &MrTomato#9412, &everyone or &here

User pings

The mention will be replaced across the appropriate servers

This mention only pings the user once, in the latest channel they sent a message in.

Everyone/here pings

&everyone will be replaced with @everyone, which mentions every user in a server &here will be replaced with @here which only mentions online users

You must have the MENTION_EVERYONE connection permission for the bot to parse everyone/here mentions.

pageRole permissions

How do I delete my messages on every server?

By deleting the messages normally, just right-click it and press Delete Message.

The same applies to editing and bulk deletes, the bot will manage on its own

You can also use the /message delete, /message edit and /purge commands and they will have the same effect

/message edit will not work if the original message was replaced by a webhook

My Patreon tier isn't working!!

Make sure you're in the support server, you MUST be in the support server for patron benefits to work

Check your roles in the support server, do you have the right tier role?

Let us know in the #support channel on the Support server.

If all of our attempts fail we may refund your payment

The channels are connected but no messages are being sent/received

  1. Make sure all the channels are connected to the same connection by using /info

  2. Make sure every channel has the same Age Restriction (NSFW) setting. SFW channels will never receive messages from NSFW channels

  3. Make sure the bot can see the channels. You can check this by checking the member list on the right, or trying to mention the bot using @

  4. The channel may have a custom direction set up. Check its direction using /info. A direction of IN means the channel can only receive messages A direction of OUT means the channel can only send messages A direction of BOTH means the channel can receive and send messages

  5. Make sure the user/guild that is sending the message isn't muted or banned (/moderation unban and /moderation ban)

If all else fails, disconnect the dysfunctional channel, delete all the webhooks created by the bot in that channel, reconnect the channel

If the previous hint doesn't work, create a new connection and try again

Can I see the source code?

This bot is a closed-source project. The code will never be available to the public and will remain a secret

We know Open Source projects tend to have community participation and accelerate updates and bug fixes, but having it open source would be unfair to the patrons that pay to keep the public bot online If all patrons then decide to self-host the bot, the public build will be shut down due to a lack of funding

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