Setting up your connection

This page will show you how to setup your connection and connect your first channel

Creating a connection

To create your connection, all you have to do is use the /create command, specifying your desired connection name, then press the Confirm button to confirm its creation. Make sure the name is correct before pressing confirm!

You can create a connection every 10 minutes, this is reduced to 1 minute for patrons

Connection name specifications

  • Must be unique across Discord, you can't share the same name with someone else

  • Must be at least 2 characters in length (Ex: c is invalid)

  • Must be at most 16 characters in length (Ex: myfirstconnection is invalid)

  • Must be alphanumerical (Ex: my-con and mycôn are invalid)


Selecting your connection

Each time you want to manage a different connection you will need to select it using /select <name> or specify it in the command. If you did not select a connection, ComBot will select one for you instead, but this may not be the one you are looking for.

Connecting a channel

Make sure to select the right connection before continuing, otherwise, you might be modifying the wrong connection.

Once you've got your connection ready you can connect a channel to it! This will create a webhook in that channel which will allow messages to look realistic. The bot needs Manage Webhooks permissions for this next step.

You probably have to connect 2 channels for this to do what you expect it to do. Repeat the following steps twice!

To connect a channel we will use the cb connect <#channel> command. Make sure to replace <#channel> with a mention of the channel you wish to add/connect. You can mention a channel using #<channel-name>. You can also use its ID instead of a mention. How to get a channel ID. This command might take a few seconds to complete


These demo channels are in the support server! Join us if you have any questions/suggestions or you just wanna chat!


You just set up your first connected channels! If you want to customize the chat, go to the next guide!

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