🗃️Stored/Logged information

This page describes what information you supply and we store or log

This is not a privacy policy. This is a non-exhaustive description of what information is available to us that we received from you. This page may be incomplete.

On the following page:

  • "Saved" and "Save" refer to one of Storing and/or Logging.

  • "Storing" and "Store" refer to saving to a database for the app to use in the future.

  • "Logging" and "Log" refer to saving data to a text file and are used to review errors and prevent abuse.

Message Content is NOT Saved

We do NOT and will NEVER Save message content sent in neither normal chats nor connected chats. Command executions like cb command etc... and /command etc... are Logged in a text file. This allows the developer(s) to review errors and investigate bugs and other issues.

What we DO Store

Here is a non-exhaustive list of information that MAY be personal that we DO Store (sorted alphabetically):

  • Connection Ban Reasons

  • Connection Channel Guild Names

  • Connection Channel NSFW statuses

  • Connection Channel Names

  • Connection Channel Webhook IDs

  • Connection Channel Webhook Tokens

  • Connection Filter Values

  • Connection Mute Reasons

  • Connection Names

  • Connection Request Channel Names

  • Connection Request Guild Names

  • Connection Request Nicknames

  • Connection Role Names

  • Connection Role Permissions

  • Connection Role Prefixes

  • Connection Role Priorities

  • Connection Role Suffixes

  • Connection User Connection Role IDs

  • Connection User Discriminators

  • Connection User Last Messaged Connection Channel

  • Connection User Usernames

Removing Stored data

Deleting your connection will delete all of your connection data. Connection data includes anything prefixed with Connection in the previous section.

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