Editing roles

This page will teach you everything about Connection Roles

Connection roles are similar to Discord roles, except each user can only have 1 role.

You can manage your connection roles using /manage roles with the connection of your choice.

Each connection can have up to 12 roles

Creating roles

You can create a role with the green Create button. This will create a role named "new role" with SEND_MESSAGES permission and will be placed at position 2. You can modify this role as you wish

Modifying roles

Selecting the role to modify

Some buttons are disabled if you didn't select a role yet. You can select a role using the select menu and clicking the appropriate role

You must do this every time you want to modify a new role

Changing the name

To change the name of the role, press the blue Edit Name button. This will ask you to send a message with the appropriate role name as its content. Once you send the message, you should see the role list update.

Deleting a role

You can delete a role using the red Delete button. Make sure you selected the right role before doing so, as there is no confirmation prompt.

You can't delete the everyone role, but you can modify it in almost every other way

Changing role order

Role order or role priorities affect who can do what to different users of the connection, for example, people with a role of priority 3 can't manage a user with a role of priority 6.

To change them, press the Change Role Order button and then select the roles in the order you want them to appear in the list. The priority numbers will be assigned automatically

You cannot reorder the everyone role, but you can modify it in almost every other way

Secondary menu

To switch to the secondary menu, make sure you have a role selected and press the gray Edit role button. This will switch the button disposition to the second editing menu. You can return to the main menu by pressing the red Back button

Changing permissions

Press the Edit Permissions button and select the permissions you wish to give the role. The order does not matter.

Learn about the different role permissions here:

Role permissions

Editing prefixes and suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes appear before and after the user's display name in the connection chat. These can be text or emojis of your choice.

Press the Edit Suffix or Edit Prefix buttons and send the content in the chat once the bot asks you to.

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