Privacy settings

This page describes how you can customize a connection's privacy/accessibility

Connection privacy setting

By using /manage settings Privacy you can change a connection's privacy. By changing this the connection will have a different level of security/checks before each new channel connects.

Public option

Selecting the public option will allow almost anyone to connect to your connection. This of course excludes banned guilds and users, they will never be able to interact with your connection.

This is the default option. Even though virtually anyone can connect to your connection, they still need to know your connection's name before connecting anything to it. If you keep your connection name a secret, no one should be able to connect.

We still recommend changing this setting after the initial setup to avoid name guessers

Request option

Selecting the request option will change the channel connection system. Every time the /connect command is issued with your connection selected, you will receive a request which you can choose to accept or deny.

pageManaging requests

Private option

Selecting the private option will deny all channel connection requests from anyone that does not have the MANAGE_CHANNELS connection permission, which you can issue to specific users using Connection Roles.

Public connection list

Public connections are hard to keep alive for long periods of time and often dont reach high amounts of channels due to the connected channel limit

The /view public command is sorted by channel count. The biggest connections will appear on top

(Ordering may be broken temporarily)

If you want your connection to appear in the public connection list accessible via the /view public command, you can add it to the list through the /my connection command. Just press the Add to public list/Remove from public list button.

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