Editing and deleting messages

This guide will show you the different ways you can edit and delete messages

CrossMessages can be edited and deleted in many ways, some are less obvious at first. Here we will teach you how to!

Editing/Deleting a message normally

If you delete/edit a message just like any other message, that change will span across all the other duplicates automatically.

Using the Edit command

Using the command is more complicated than editing normally but here's how to do it anyway

The command format is /message edit <messageId>. The messageId is the Discord ID of the message, you can check how to get IDs here.

Once you sent the command with a valid message ID, the bot will ask you to send a message containing the new message content you wish to attribute to that message.

Using the Delete command

Very similar to the edit command, the delete command uses a message ID to delete all the messages.

The command format is /message delete <messageId>. You can check how to get IDs here.

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